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Creambee - Princess Pipe Trapped - v1.0 Creambee - Princess Pipe Trapped - v1.0

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, can say it's a pretty decent start. Noticed one bug within the first minute: If you jerk off the guy on the right screen, then shove in the dick, you can trigger a cumshot regardless of the dick being inside. (kinda peculiar choice to go with it being a button, after a stroke command. But, granted: it does allow for more precision.) And the music and sounds are good.

Anyhow, overall quite solid as said. Her pussy design is rather underwhelming. Not by a massive amount. But it's still rather "meh". Especially as there's TWO genderswap options. One of which is hyper. BUT, that said: You for once actually fully finished including a pussy. Even if haphazard compared to the dicks.

That said, most of the click controls can do with a polish. As they are rather inaccurate and not overly smooth. All of them are kinda rickety sadly. It just flops between frames, rather than move.
The size of the pipe is still quite questionable tbh heh. But, that's one part that an be chalked up to "porn/game logic" xP

The "floating hand" contrasts quite a bit color wise tbh. Does not match the rest of the body.
Also, can say: The sound effects for when he sucks his own dick could be better. It's some rather annoying "open mouth, nose breathing" sounds there.
As always though: The cumshots are excessive and well made.

It is very visually impressive. Will likely go for a 3,5 if some of the rough edges are smoothed down. (Does make me roll my eyes a bit that most people don't know how rating systems work. As, a 5/5 is literally a "this can't be improved in any way.". But, that's kinda been the case for years. Heck, that goes for things like games even.) But for now: Still definitely an above average game for those into dudes, dicks and tits :P And well, a small side focus if you're into chicks ;D
Really like the whole "handheld game" aesthetics though. That's something you really got nailed :D

Panthea - leave2gether v17 Panthea - leave2gether v17

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The graphic gap is starting to be very notable with the new vs old scenes.
Should really focus on getting that up to speed, rather than just push out new scenes.

The new addition to clothing and whatnot is really neat.
Though, the massive gender role segregation is literally plastered across this game as of now xP
It's pretty clear it only plans to focus on male pleasure and penises almost exclusively by now. You could really have gone out with that like, 7 updates ago.

Instead of doing the whole "will they? won't they?" dance.
Anyhow, I am a bit unsure how far the whole graphic gap will manage to stretch. But, hopefully you won't let it get too far separated. Overall though, it's a solid game. Very cookie cutter. Bit hard to play anywhere but the uploaded site but xP

Bit curious what the in-game change is, and how it messed things up, but :P
Think it will be around 3,5-4 when finished. But atm it's a bit hampered. Mostly graphically. But also large parts with the just "wut"? scene choices. Like the unfinished cunnilingus scenes.

Would have been nice if there was more option than "cockslave without needs or self-regard" and "prude virgin"... especially as that's the personality all females have in the game. But, that ain't nothing new.

leave2gether responds:

yeah, I know :(

Wheel of Fucktion Wheel of Fucktion

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Will say, while the concept is kinda novel... or whatever the correct term is... I will say it is very... odd.
I know that porn doesn't have to be practical. But this is kinda pushing it xD

While most of it can be explained away with the game lore, it still leaves me with quite a few quirked brows. Not to mention: I have to say her pussy looks a bit off in this. Both in color and design.

While the function/dynamic of demons still are kinda questionable imo, I think you might be trying to apply a bit too many trait and attributes to a single character with Hottie. She is a bit of a mixed mess atm. That doesn't seem to add up with other demons. As the rules can be VERY inconsistent on what applies.

Still, animation wise. It does flow pretty well.

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Thank you for your feedback Kattlarv.

League of Futa League of Futa

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A bit unsure on the skeletal structure in some of these... but overall flows pretty well.
And eh, if you ask me: Going without sound is far better than going with shitty sound :P

Anyhow, another classic, by the numbers "hyper dudes with tits" animation~
Or, well: Far from all of them are hyper... so that's rare, and quite refreshing tbh.
Anyhow, most scenes flow pretty well. Some have some anatomy or clipping issues. But it's not too notable for the most time.

And huh... expected this to follow the classic, hyper dom futa.
BUT! That said: It does follow the trope that the guy with the smallest dick HAS to be the sub xP
Still, pretty solid. But, yeah: Some of the body proportions are like, way odd in some of the scenes.
But yeah, it's quite well made. And we do get to follow him on quite the varied exploits hehe~ Got some bumps, but still perfectly good for it's genre~

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Creambee - Peach: Rabbid Trapped Creambee - Peach: Rabbid Trapped

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Heh, dick palmtree xP
Not 100 on that Pipe though, based on the angle/view...

Overall fitting style on this. Everything seems to match very well.
And off what I can see... has multi-characters. Smidge below your regular hyper genderswap size. Do find the swap between to be quite amusing though hehe~

And it does have a female edit again. But, seems like you might actually do something with it this time around? Very skeptical on that based off prior work. But, heck. Might always surpirse me.
The physics so far are very well made.

Was tempted to rate this higher, but, will have to wait and see how it actually turns out. Seen people decide to trainwreck a ton of different things. So, it wouldn't be new. But, all and all, it looks quite interesting so far. Would be surprised if this didn't end up exclusively dude focused like all before. So, gotta wait and see if the pussy+toy options are just token, or if there's actually some meat to the bones ;P

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Creambee - Titan Train - v1.0 Creambee - Titan Train - v1.0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Multi-function animation are a lot more complex, so tip of the hat on that :P Takes a lot of movie clips and _parent to make that smooth hehe x3
Looking it over, you prolly should have skipped the featureless dummy bodies. As... those don't look good, at all. Could have saved you a lot of time. Will say that the sounds aren't the best though. I know sound is hard to get, but the current stock ones have really been done to death.

If you wanted a more cheesy reason, you could just have gone with Raven making portals for the dicks, or something. Seeing how you're going with the "cumdump with no needs or self-regard" archetype anyhow. Well, you do that in all your work xD So might as well just go all in.

Oh, btw: You can stroke his dick regardless if it's there or not. Can't trigger a climax scene, but it does trigger the expressions.

And huh, see you went a lot less hyper than usual... but you did also pick an angle that doesn't show the orifices, so you did do the thing off saving on time with not having to do a female edit :3
Also, will admit: I am not 100 whether you plan to have a Starfire alt skin, or if that button will make one/all dummy dudes into a hyper, genderswapped Starfire xD

Can't put my finger on it, but there's something with Raven's eyes... ah well. The music is nice. But yeah...feels weird to see you for the first time cut corners on the dicks... anyhow: We learn from our mistakes. So I guess that could be a result of you realizing how much time having separate actions can take heh~

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Creambee - Samus Space Beach - v1.5 Creambee - Samus Space Beach - v1.5

Rated 2 / 5 stars

While the pose and expressions are rather good. The facial expressions are a bit off at times. But all and all it's rather solid. Sounds are okay as well.

I do however have to question: Why do you even bother to put in a female version, when you cba to even put effort in it? We're left with a draft stage placeholder for the pussy... next to the original, hyper dick futa version. Why do you even make a female edit? It's pretty clear it's just there for the sake of being there.

I mean, if I ask you why it's there, can you even give a reply outside of "other games have it?" Really getting the feeling with this in, currently all your games. It's more there as just an annoying necessity. As, you haven't finished any of the prior games pussies. They're just all haphazard and shoehorned. That pale in comparison to the dicks, that you actually work on.

I'd really suggest that you just skip the female edits, and only stick with the original draft. You'd both save time. AND don't wind up with all these half-finished games you ditch once you wrap up all the dick scenes in.
Plus, then the only quality gap would be that the sperm is in higher quality+detail than the rest. And well, the copy pasted irl dicks. But they're kind off on a different level :P

But, other than that, it's very solid, cookie cutter game. You're really good with the tropes :3

Panthea - leave2gether v16 Panthea - leave2gether v16

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Gotta say, really quirking a brow on that you don't even have a cumshot to the first(?) lesbian scene in this.
For going out and beyond for all the male scenes, that you're so haphazard with any of the extremely rare cases of female focus is just... I dunno, kinda lazy.

Are you gonna be stuck playing yet another female NPC and keep it almost entirely male centric, or are you gonna start to spice things up? I mean, personalities are literally tied to genders atm...
If that's the goal, then sure. But can you please at least be clear on what the game aims for instead of dancing around the issues?

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Shantae: Half-Genie Slut! (18+) Shantae: Half-Genie Slut! (18+)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's pretty okay imo. Nice to see some effort put into the vag. Most just go loli slit and call it a day.
Has some anatomy issues,like pelvis+perineum (I think)
But all and all pretty solid.

Song is a bit fast paced imo compared to the action.
Not sure why Risky is inexplicably genderswapped. But eh xP
For wrapping it up, you did a quite solid job on it~

Insexsity 0.0418(Uncensored) Insexsity 0.0418(Uncensored)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hm... I've seen a TON of games in this kind of genre lately, so lets see how this one fares :P
Can say, when first reading the patch notes, got a bit skeptical as it seemed like it might be yet another game off a female of the "cumdump with no needs or self-regard" archetype. And in which only males get off.

Can say it's getting really bland with all these games where the "PC" girl can only either worship cocks and not care about herself. Or be a complete prude virgin. Like, where's the variation in between? xD
Anyhow, trailing off talking about the genre of this games in general x3

That could be the case here too. But gonna look around a bit for it.
I kinda like the start of it. Has a bit of clichés in it, but they work pretty good in order to introduce the mechanics. And quite like her profession. Haven't see that used before.

It looks promising from what I see so far. It does seem like it might include females in a more interactive way.
There's a few spelling issues in the list of changes. But you can make out most of what it says. So it's coo.

The art style has some clipping issues, but overall looks pretty good.
I do have a question though: Do you have any plans to include varied female genitalia? All these games tends to fail miserably at that xP Only having one model (the "loli vag") that they copy paste between all females.

I will say; The dialog is a bit clunky at times. Kinda hard to tell what was meant to be said with certain things. But, usually you get the gist of it :3
Will say: Really enjoying the "gameplay". Will admit bias, as I am a fan of massages haha.
Quite a few clipping issues, but they're not too much of a bother atm at least.

I can say though, the "you'll choose" is a bit misleading, as you do need to fulfill a lot of criteria to do certain things xP
Some of the dialog is very "wut?"
Has some very cliché "huge dick" dialog, and the classic "selfish douche" male. And hm, it does seem like this might have the "cumdump female" archetype.

And yeah... it went there. That was extremely disappointing. I had expected more, but instead it just went complete cookie cutter with a selfish douchebag male, cock worship and females with no needs or self-regard. Seriously: If she talks about how much she wanted to have sex, why does she have no issue being left cold turkey?

I didn't mind the build up and story reason given to make it a "happy ending" masseuse. It was quite good. Pretty standard, but still solid. But, as of now: It does seem to be rather pointless as you seem to just be playing a female NPC is a male porn game.

We both know if it was reverse, that male would NEVER be okay with letting it end after making Eva cum. He'd want his turn xP So yeah, that was a big let down. Literally every other sex game of this genre goes with the exact same thing. Females talking about how great it is to be sexually used. (I mean, it wouldn't be THAT bad if not everyone and their dog was using the same archetype xP

Anyhow, trailing off here.
I know it's in development, but an explanation of the stats could be good. Currently it's kinda guesswork.
Also, gotta say the money system feels really random heh. Like, very vaguely not tied to reality xP

Well, those complaints aside. I do really hope you do something with the females in this. It's getting boring with all games having identical gender roles.
I do quite like how the system is made so far. Most clients feel way too frisky if going with more classic "happy ending" massages.

Can say: Feels like it could need something to do at home, and at work. Dunno how it works later in the game. But atm it's kinda just walking to and from work. And a ton of waiting xP
And will say: I really quirked a brow at not getting paid if no-one came to the parlor. What kind of job doesn't have a salary? xD

I did laugh a bit at the "gift" xP
Did find it a bit "meh" that the sex scenes are kinda heavily scripted. Like, that you had to accept the vibrator, or that you couldn't chose to finish. Will see how it develops, but current the lesbian scenes are a bit weaksauce. With the whole, no nudity or climax.

I did see the gloryholes coming. And I don't mind them. (And well, not much of a spoiler tbh xP) That's really expected of this type of game at a club xP
I will say though: I really hope you do something with the girls sex drives. Like, have Eva get something in return from that guy. Maybe not directly. Or even need to show it. But just have it implied. And/or maybe include a female glory hole at said club. Might be hard to show visually... but would be neat if you could suck some clit as well x3

So yeah, it does need quite a bit of work. But I do like the concept so far.

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Insexsity responds:

Please, check your personal messages.