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Doing a briefer rundown on this again, as it's still one of the biggest struggles for people on here... and well, ALL sites that allow porn, really.

Right, so: Tagging.

Tags are what are used to allow people to search for specific content they are after.

Today, I'll go over probably THE most common one that people fuck up: Futa.

Short for futanari, and it has several synonyms.

Now: A futa is NOT a female. A futa is a futa.

That's why they have a separate, unique tag.

Should be pretty simple. Yet, people can't figure it out.

In tandem with this: People VERY often incorrectly tag two futa, or futa with a girl as "lesbian".

Lesbian is specifically "girl on girl". Again: A futa is not a girl. A futa is a futa.

"But my futa identifies as a girl!"

Yes. They can do that. That is however confusing sex and gender.

Tags only care about one of those... unless you also tag with "transgender"...

But, if you look at the tags: If you start typing "futa", what are some of the auto-fill options?

  • Futanari
  • Futa-on-female
  • Futa-on-male

Why do you think we have a unique, specific tag for futa on female and male?

It's ALMOST as if its there so that people that want lesbian porn, and those that want futa on female porn... to be able to search for it, without getting clashing, overlapping results.

Similarly: DO NOT tag something unless it's actually in there an at least notable amount of times.

For example: If you have a porn game with 40 scenes. If ONE of the scenes is two girls kissing. Do NOT tag the game with "lesbian". While you technically can. This is just a dick move. I have seen MANY games that have a "lesbian" tag, and no "straight" tag, or "male-protagonist" tag. And, finding out those games have less than 5 % lesbian content... is just wasting everyone's time. Especially the guys actually LOOKING for a ex: male demon trainer game or whatever. They'll take once glance at "lesbian" and no other tags and just go "Welp." and ignore the game. (This is a common occurrence on F95)

But now: You might point out that: "Hentaifoundry/E621/Derpibooru allows futa to be tagged as lesbian!".

And yes. Short answer: Users are fucking dumbasses that never read the site rules.

What about the admins? Short answer: Useless fucking tools that never read the site rules. (Also easily bribed)

Especially in HF's case. It's in their fucking "How to upload" rules you check the "I agree" box for when signing up. It SPECIFICALLY states that you agree to NOT tag futa+female as lesbian.

Though as said: Deadbeat admins+mods. To quote: "I don't need to know the rules. I AM THE LAW!"

Trailing off aside: Tagging isn't rocket science.

It's mostly just common courtesy to tag. It helps people find what they are looking for.

And, it prevents people finding something they're not looking for. Removing the "need" for the "This sucks, 0 stars!" reviews when someone came across something that lied to them.

Like, just let me make an example.

If you see the title "Hyper Futa Daisy X Peach Hardcore Anal". That seems like a VERY obvious title for what would be in that post. But now: Using the "tagging logic" most people that tag incorrectly use: This post can be Peach and Daisy scissoring. With two pussies. 0 dick. Oh and: One of the pussies are hyper.

And you might ask: "Where is the futa?" and I could reply: "Oh, Daisy identifies as a futa."

And then: "Where's the anal?" and I can go: "Well, their buttcheeks are touching. Thus: Anal."

Now: That would piss off a lot of people.

I could do the exact same thing with what appears to be two big, burly men.

Or "Ganondorf Rapes Zelda." and I slap a horsecunt on Ganondorf.

People would NOT like that. It's not what people "expect".

Yet: People mess this up ALL the time when it comes to specifically "lesbian" and "futa".

I mean, jebus: We're at a point where people see a "lesbian" game. And get SHOCKED and APPALED when said game doesn't ... contain men? Like, that's how bad people are at tagging. As: Quite a lot of guys think "lesbian" in a porn game just means "straight threesome".

Anyhow: I guess that wraps things up.

In short: Please work on tagging correctly. It makes it a better experience for all.


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