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While I am on a roll. 

Let's talk about an objective fact: A LOT of artists, try to get a free pass on being inept. Primarily: Only on female genital anatomy. 

To explain it plainly: (and: do it how MOST artists operate) Say you just for example: You want a ref sheet for your twin doggos. One male, one female. And, just for example: Say it will cost 80 per sheet. Seems fine so far.

Now, for both characters, you will get back, side and front view, all that standard stuff. So lets skip past that. Now: We come to the genitalia. The male can pick ANY dick design you desire. Horse? Dog? Dragon? 11 dicks? Hyper? Anything goes. They have a folder of 109 different dicks they've drawn. If they can't draw it, they WILL learn. Bending over backwards to get you just what you want. Great. You will get: flaccid, erect, side view. All and all, they will put around 4-8 additional hours.

Then we get to your female char. They ask about the front, side back all that shiz. And then... you get the "finished" product. No asking about vag or anything. You just get the same char, except without genital refs and with a " | " hastily slapped between the legs. And now, for a partial piss take, and some comedy, I will paraphrase an exchange: "This looks great but, you never asked me about their junk? - Oh! I'm so sorry, did they also have a dick? - ...no? - Oh, then what's the problem? Their pussy is right there. - That's not how it looks though. - What do you mean? There's one pussy. - No, theirs look canine, to match their brother. They are the same species after all." and I'll just skip the rant about how "it's zoophilia!" and "it's their preference/style!" or my personal favorite: "I heard what you said you wanted, but I thought I'd improve it. It looks better this way."

So, in short TL-DR: STOP charging for a service you can't provide.

If you spend hours extra on dicks, and can't draw a SINGLE flipping pussy. Don't charge the same for them. If you can't offer or provide ANYTHING. Don't charge as if you can. Either charge more for males, or less for females. 

It's not rocket science. Since that's EXACTLY what people demand if you can't draw their dicks properly. Or: They simply refuse to do business all together. But that's not "allowed" to do in case someone can't draw proper cunts.Then that person is just being "rude" or "picky".

Please stop with this "Any species, any gender" bullshit YCH if you aren't willing or able to draw it. The shitty "I never said any species OF any gender." excuse was old 30 years ago. Either advertise honestly, or admit to being unable to draw pussy for shit. Yes, it can be your "choice" to be worthless at drawing them. But that doesn't give a free pass. All that says is that you choose to be crap at it.That's nothing to be proud of. And this is a fact, since: The fandom happily bullied and laughed at people that drew equines, that didn't learn how to draw horse dick. Then, suddenly the "it's my preference" apologetics wasn't good enough.It was in fact: Unacceptable.

While I'm not allowed to call anyone out: A certain convicted criminal, that's a pathological lair and enjoys discriminating towards females is a big fan of ALL of this bs.

On the flip side: There IS a really good artist that handles this correctly on FA. I won't name numbers since then they are easy to pick out. But I CAN say that they charge around 25 % less for their females. Simply because: They cannot draw pussy on par with their penises. They barely know one design, and they are aware off, and admit that. And thus: Charge accordingly. 

It'd be lovely if we stop normalizing this. And stop paying more for less, just because a character doesn't have a dick, and the artist is too lazy to improve. (One certain lazy hack animator ACTUALLY charges more for their females, despite being unable to provide acceptable detail. To quote one of my favorite burns towards them: "I have to admit that this pussy looks like someone accidentally slipped with his stylus pen on that area and forgot to erase it." and they, just for example: Charge $100 for male or female. BUT: They ONLY take commissions in pairs. (IE: minimum 1 male 1 female.) And what they do is: charge 70 for the male, and 130 for the female. But: They have people split the bill. This is because to quote "I don't want people to have to pay more just because they get a better service." so, instead they... make someone else cover the extra costs. Isn't that generous of them? Who wouldn't want to pay $30 extra to cover the cost of someone else's commission?) 

To be clear: I'm not asking for a 1:1 ratio here. As ALWAYS and like I've ALWAYS argued for: It should only be "close enough". And it should be by the artists own standards.Like I've always judged art. By their OWN standard. If the artist considers X to be unacceptable, I don't let them get away with doing the Y counterpart.

But, for example: Say it takes an artist 4 hours to draw a dick. If it takes them 30 seconds to draw a pussy... then no. That's not okay. Since, simple: NO-ONE would be okay with paying the same for a 4 hour pussy, as for a 30 second dick.If people aren't okay with X and refuse to feel cheated. Then no-one that gets the counterpart should have to accept it "just because". If the norm doesn't have to accept bullshit and bitch and moan when something exclusively directly negatively affects them, then we have the same rights. 

However: If they take 4 hours with that dick, but 3,5 hours with the pussy... or heck, even 2 hours in some cases: Then: Sure. It's close enough within margin, as long as it looks remotely similar. 

But asking people to pay the same for being allowed to pick basically ANYTHING versus being allowed NOTHING, no choices, no effort. Just a shoddy excuse for a vulva. Just: No. NONE of their customers would accept that if the roles were reversed. And it's been proven time and time again that the snide "nobody cares" remarks are just fake. Those exact same people are the ones throwing tantrums when the things they claim "nobody cares about" aren't exactly to their liking. (Like: Saying nobody cares if a horse has a human genitalia. We added a human dick to a horse. And those guys screeched for months about it. Clearly a sign of how little they care. In fact: They cared so little they only bawled multiple times per week about it.)

Porn could honestly do a bit more with the golden rule...

Like honestly: Just don't be a hypocrite. It's not fucking hard.


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