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And other certain AAA companies. I mean, think about it: They want to defraud customers. Aggressively monetize and not give a flying fuck about quality.

They'd be PERFECT for porn. I mean, lets be honest here: I haven't been wrong [b]once[/b]in over a decade when it comes to calling out fraud, false advertisement or overall incompetence. And who do people side with 19/20 times? Whomever is more famous or their feelings regardless of facts.

They'd be a slam dunk. Lets just take some of the fine examples of the shit the R34 community has pulled over the years, and how people have staunchly defended fraud as "just a business model" and how discrimination and shipping half-baked products is just a "style". (ESPECIALLY in the MLP fandom)

- Sell a censored demo of a porn folio for full price (I think it was roughly $20) and then demand another $10 to download the "DLC" for the "Deluxe edition" that contained the ACTUAL art and not just the censored versions. Then their "customer support" going. "Sorry if you didn't like that we scammed you but... we DO already have your money so... either fuck off or give us more money.".

- Sell a "futa folio" containing 0 futa. 

- The fuckton of kickstarted games that never delivered. Or simply hoped you'd forget.

- The similar fuckton of crowdfunded games that promised you the moon, then about 10-20 % in, cancelled and asked you to crowdfund the sequel. And people did, like the good little cattle they are.

- Promising people a female PC (or sometimes male) in their porn game, then completely did a 180 with the content of the game. Not even remotely being the same experience. Or just getting like, 3 animations in, then scrapping the idea.

- Holding paid "raffles" where you throw money at them for a chance to win a commission. Hey, since loot boxes might get banned, they can just embrace this "surprise mechanic" of the porn fandom :D

- Falsely advertise their content, out the ass. Like: Promising there is ZERO dicks in this art folio. Then when people call them out on it, as there's a ton of dicks in it: Straight up lie and deny there being dicks in it. Then do the EXACT SAME THING for the 3 sequels. Each time slandering and harassing the critics who show irrefutably proof there IS indeed dicks in this folio.

- Straight up falsely advertise more: Promise people say... 37 pictures in a folio. Then, when it turns out there is 4 pictures and 33 edits like "with glasses, without glasses". Then have people say that the folio was complete shit or how "their regular art is MUCH better", which people did for nearly EVERY. SINGLE. FOLIO. Yet: They were gonna purchase the next one. Almost like annual releases... 

- Even more false advertisement. Promise people a lesbian incest folio and take pre-orders. Then last minute reveal that it's actually gay incest, psyche! Lol. (Though, for some reason, this is the ONLY folio I have seen fans get upset about. And the artist even offered a refund to those that wanted it.)

- Promise people a "comic folio" in full colour. Then turn out that 80 % of the comics are 1-2 pages, most in B&W (Hey, black and white ARE colours!), some just being as short as 3 panels. But, they're TECHNICALLY comics, so...

- Sell a half-baked folio where they don't even finish the nude versions, just leaving it with placeholder sketches for genitals. Then claiming they are trying a "new style": Incompetence/Laziness. That they cba to finish it. And, unless above 50 % of customers complain, they wont bother to do shit. Oh, and no refunds. They also used a fake email for "customer support". (Like the majority of the major MLP folios.)

- Selling a fuckton of commissions, then never deliver. Or, give a shitty compromise like "I know you paid me for a full colour with shading. Buuut... I don't feel like drawing it. So I'm offering you a 5 minute doodle instead. Take it or leave it." And people being [b]grateful[/b] for it. Since hey: They got [b]something[/b] out of it, and they DID get art from [brand artist]

And we can't forget gold like:

- People defending an artists right to ex: Refuse to draw black women for the reasoning: "I only draw normal, attractive women" and claim that reasoning is perfectly valid, "just a preference" and in no way discriminatory.

- Artists charging hidden fee's. Like: Claiming a character is ex: 100$. BUT: If you ask for a female. You pay 130. And if you ask for a male, you pay 70. Since: They want to put more effort and detail into their males. But: They consider it unfair to charge more simply because they give males a far superior model with effort and detail. But: They don't want to charge people that ask for males more, as that would be "unfair". But, since they ARE putting 5 times more on the males, they NEED to cover that extra cost. So: They did the only sensible thing: Charge the people that ask for females more to cover the cost. Despite copy pasting their female's genitalia to save time.

- Artists doing "YCH's" and offer "Any species, any gender!" but, ONLY if you ask for males. If you ask for a female: You may ONLY choose a human loli. And if you call them out on it: You're either blocked, or get the excuse "I never claimed you could pick any species OF any gender!".

- Artists hiding behind "incompetence is a style!" or "nobody cares!" to get away with shit that can't get away with in any other circumstance. Or specifically: It's ONLY acceptable for the specific topic they are completely useless at. Like how you can use "You can't put a HUMAN genital on a horse, that would look retarded!" and "You can't put a horse genital on a horse! That's zoophilia you sick fuck!" in the same sentence, and people not see any contradictions with that. In order to defend being a lazy hack that DEMANDS on drawing horse dick, but REFUSE to learn how to draw proper horsecunt. But you know: Lets just ignore the facts that if you try to pull that shit to excuse drawing ex: shota penis on a horse, along with hyper horsecunt, you basically get lynched. Since it's NOT okay to be utter shit at drawing dicks in this fandom, but its totally fine to be at a pre-school level of drawing pussy, able to do ONE model. When you draw dicks at academic levels. Since you know: You can charge the same for a 4 hour penis as for a 30 second vulva. They're both equal as you get "one genital" regardless. Lets not care that if you'd try giving people the same deal, but 4 hours vulva for the same price as a 30 second penis, you'd be found at the bottom of the gulf of Mexico xD But you know: There's NO bias here xP

So yeah. The community ferociously defend artists "right" to commit fraud, be incompetent and openly discriminate. 

People still cheer and encourage the practices that people are starting to get pissed about in when it comes to nearly all other types of services. Especially games. If EA wants to be a dick and rip off their customers and be praised for it, they should consider branching out to porn ;P


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