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I was somewhat recently browsing some on a review forum, and a shitstorm hit over a just... horribly handled 18+ indie game that fucked up so bad they deleted it from their patreon.

And you know; it will never cease to amuse me when some arrogant snob or their triggered white knights come to throw a tantrum when something like that happens. To avoid any "name and shame, I waited to comment on this. And won't name the game. Since hey: We don't need more drama after 2020.

But to boil it down: It was falsely advertised and all the usual stuff.

And they bragged super hard about having a certain artist. Except: This artist was notorious for being shit at drawing women. And it was a game... about women.

And people that weren't tearing into the game for the abysmal quality; were rabid fanbois trying to defend it. By citing stuff like: "It's not fair to complain about the shoddy girl models! Have you SEEN how detailed his horse penises are?!" like... how the flying fuck is that even remotely relevant?

If they are hired to draw girls... and can't draw girls... why does the fact they draw AMAZING males have anything to do with anything? I never got the mindset of "You HAVE to excuse that [artist] can't draw X for shit. Because they are VERY good at drawing Y!".

It's basically one of the only professions where people demand a free pass.

Like: If a top chef didn't know how to boil water or knead dough: they'd be laughed out of here.

Yet, we got "top tier artists" that gloats about having draw pron for 10+ years and... still draws the pussy upside down, on the stomach. Or: Still only knows how to draw ½ a vag, while eagerly showing their dick collage.

I've like... seen ONE furry artist that charged ~40 % less for his females, cuz he couldn't draw them for shit. So: He charged less since he spent far less hours on them due to being unable to draw a pussy. Yet, many artists are out here all "I spend 3 hours on a female, and I can't offer you shit. You can't choose any variation. And 7 hours on a male, and you can pick ANYTHING you want. I'll learn to draw it for you! Same price.".

And people find that completely rational.

Yet: Try to pull that shit in reverse... xD

People instantly drop an artist over that.

It's honestly a really stupid double standard... and also a lack of standards.

Still reminds me of the guy I saw on NG a few years back that had no clue wtf a perineum was. Had it EXPLAINED to him in simple terms with references. And... 4+ years later: He still fucks them up. Yet, he learned how to correct his upside down dicks in a day after that mistake. /S.

Like, sheesh: Stop demanding participation trophies for doing the bare minimum. Or sometimes: Failing at even that...

The fact someone is shit at doing female genitalia, doesn't change just because they are great at male genitalia.

And a small disclaimer to my haters since people repeatedly are missing it:

1: Most posts on my NG account are commissions. So, check if its one of my animations, OR if it's a commission before throwing a hissy fit, and ranting about how your senpai has a bigger dick than me. So, yeah: BEFORE crying about how my style is terrible. Make sure it's actually mine.

2: I judge each artist on their own merit. And on their OWN standards. Some people have asked me, confused about why I rated this "worse" art higher than this "clearly better" art. Simple: It's consistently better. A simplified 2 minute pussy, paired with a simplified 2 minute penis IS going to get a better score than a simplified 2 minute penis paired with a 4 hour, HD dick. Primarily due to the second simple rule: The artists own standard. If they would find a simplified 2 min dick to be UNACCEPTABLE to be paired with a HD, 4 hour pussy... then why the fuck would I apply special pleading to them?

3: Just because I can't draw/animate better than someone. Doesn't mean I can't point out their fuck ups. If someone draws two left hands. They drew two left hands. No amount of bawling how they draw better anime eyes than me will change that.

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