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Just made a bet with a friend for fun. Considering I've been spot on in the past.

So, just posting here for evidence and slight amusement :P

I will be trying to estimate what will be in these animations.

Do note: These will be HEAVILY drenched in sarcasm and satire.

The Owl House: (Extremely likely to win)

Small chance that Luz starts out as a dude.

More likely intro: Amity and Luz are doing stuff. One of them whips out a "genderbend spell".

Luz goes from loli vag into a hyper penis. Upon seeing this magnificent, MASSIVE cock and facing its superiority, Amity realizes the error in her ways and is immediately cured of her lesbianism. As she realizes that you need a dick to have sex.

And she begins to slobber all over Luz's hyper dick. Luz will most likely have a hyper human dong. But, slight chance he has an animal dick simply "because".


Slight chance Luz blows his first bukkake load here. But most likely saved to the end for a double creampie+cumshot combo.

Probable chance that Amity summons an abomination so they can spitroast Amity. Since there is a recurring trend of needing more cock.

Then cue some more fucking before the finale that is cum inflation and bukkake. Luz has a orgasm montage where he cums everywhere.

Amity is completely neglected and left hanging. As: Being an inferior female, she does not have permission to cum. But she will praise Luz's skills in being a selfish douche and only getting himself off. As is state mandated.

Amity's loli vag will just... be there. And either leaking cum, or her mouth will.

Luz will then whip out a spell to do something with his dick.

Amphibia: (Less likely to win.)

In case it would win, due to the history of the artist being unable to do solo female content: We have two outcomes.

1: Anne magically turns into a dude and starts waving his dick around. Likely against the other two humans. But we do have some female frogs too. (Possible, they have lied before.)

2: Anne gets high on shrooms, and start blowing a ton of different species of penises. Alternatively: The shrooms she gets high on ARE the penises. So she gets higher the more dick she sucks. Potentially leading to her turning into a dude.

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