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Entry #2

Well... That's Peculiar

2017-02-24 12:43:42 by Kattlarv

So, just a random side note but.

Ran into yet another person as thick as a brick. Was discussing the state of porn. And dished out some facts and statistics. Based on surveys, and overall just the state of the porn fandom. And much like this new fad of "alternative fact", their only reply was to go "Well, that's just like, your opinion man. There's no way of reaching your kind. No way to gap the bridge. Cya!" and like... when did everyone turn into a religious fundamentalist? 

What ever happend to try and refute and debate evidence? When did it become okay to just go "Well, I THINK this is the truth, so that makes it okay to believe!". It's like if I mention the amount of animations Zone has done, and some people go "Nah, that's not true. I only count their games as animations. So you are wrong." or "I only count anything they do that's over a minute as animation. So you're incorrect."

Like, seriously? Where did this bs spring up from? And even more importantly: How did it become a thing? It's like how it's totally okay to be utterly incompetent at female genitalia, as long as you can draw male ones. It's as if Gordon Ramsey would be unable to boil water or knead dough. And people just shrug it off as that he's still the best chef in the world, cuz he makes a mean schnitzel. Like, that's not even fucking relevant... you wouldn't pay 50 $ for a packet of store bought noodles. So why the heck to hack artists get a free pass when they can't even draw a basic pussy? xD


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2017-08-04 10:12:31

Welcome to the modern world i s'pose? That's what happens when certain political families take hold of the whole planet, dumb down its people for easier ruling. Hope that answers your question.

Kattlarv responds:

I am well aware that it's a "thing" to keep people ignorant as they are easier to manipulate then.
It's still just really retarded. Especially things you'd solve with a simple 2 second thought.


2017-08-06 08:19:26

Woa woa WOAH. Easy there now, a whole two second thought? You're expecting alot of people now hahah. But yea it all went to shite the moment intellect was looked down upon. Now we're reaping the 'rewards' of that particular situation. Shame really, nothing to be done but wait it out.

Kattlarv responds:

Yeah... it's really "wat?"
Just looking at the whole ordeal is just kinda sad.
I love how people go all "How DARE you? That's RUDE!" whenever anyone uses facts xP


2017-08-08 06:52:10

Your facts hurt muh feelings, so it must be wrong. The world in a nutshell now hahah.

Kattlarv responds:

Yeah, pretty much xD
People are really upset if someone is so rude as to tell the truth xP