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History of Fraud Within the MLP Fandom

Posted by Kattlarv - 1 month ago

While I am aware that a huge chunk of people despise facts, the truth and/or irrefutable evidence in case it hurts their feelings: Here we go again.

For no particular reason, I just feel like covering the MLP fandom's absolutely abysmal statistics in this regard.

For this topic, let's cover the MLP art folios, and their 100 % fraud rate. (up until 2019. Where the FIRST honestly advertised folio was released. The content of said folio does make me laugh with irony, but that's another story.)

Now, just to clarify and set a few ground rules: This ONLY includes art folios that 1: Contain one or more "major" artist. ("Indie" folio's had several honest releases.) 2: The folio contains female characters. (Somehow most male only folios felt no need to blatantly lie about the content.)

With that out of the way, for some reason: If an art folio contained those two details, they were always fraudulent. For whatever reason. Be it false/misleading advertisement, it not containing what it promised or some other issue. Like: It being a lazily censored piece of shit. (and not being upfront about it) It didn't help that a majority of these folios had a fake email attached to it. To "handle" any complaints. It REALLY doesn't help with how most fans defend fraud as "just a business model", like the people that defend AAA game releases that straight up lie in advertisement as well.

Seriously though, on a side note: Why do SO many art folios and game projects pick the LEAST qualified artists? Like, at least a third of them have multiple artists that are basically only known for being able to draw dudes with hyper dicks. They can't draw females for shit. And then some 200IQ guy goes "Hey, lets make a folio with only female pin-ups!" is it even a surprise that the majority of folio reviews are along the lines of "Not as good as their usual work." or "Well... it could have been worse.".


When you have a bunch of artists that can offer a laundry list of offers, services and quality content for male characters... why in the flying fuck do you have them draw females when they can't even offer ONE variety or option? When they hand you a portfolio with 92 dicks and not a SINGLE pussy. What retard goes "Yupp, lets have them only draw vagoobers!" like, honestly? Especially in term of those artist that openly brag about how inept they are at female anatomy, and how they refuse to improve. I know fans in general are kinda dumb and have low standards, but this is really next level...

So, with all that said, lets go over some of the hall of shame. (In no super specific order.)

1: One of the first, if not the first art folio was a holiday themed hackjob. It promised 100 % pinups, but barely did around 40 % if I can recall. ATOP of this, the folio was heavily censored with rushed, no effort alternate version. (they just deleted the dick layer on the dudes, more or less. Slapping a lazy ~30 second ken doll action over it.) This was advertised as a "deluxe edition", despite that it just contained the ACTUAL artwork. Any refund request was straight up ignored with, to paraphrase: "Well... we already have your money so... sorry you didn't like being tricked, but either pre-order our next release or piss off."

2: A folio that advertised as containing "mare cunt" and "horse pussy". It did in fact: Contain 0 of this. As all the "artists" involved exclusively drew the "prepubescent porn vag". As all of them were too lazy to bother learning how to draw it properly. The poster picture for this was a feral pony, with censored junk. The actual folio was around, 90 % anthro. Now: Some could claim ignorance and say the artists are just stupid AF. And argue that "to them: it's just a horse, with a pussy." but yeah, no. We're not playing that game. Especially if you pick the poster to be the least representative of your folio as possible.

3: This one is the ONLY folio I have seen to get a backlash, AND the only folio that offered refunds. In short: It offered pre-orders for a "princess incest" theme. It then went "lol, just kidding. It's gonna be prince, hyper dick incest!" and... for whatever reason: People actually got upset on this, despite... we had at least 9 folios do this before and no-one gave a fuck. But, for whatever reason: For once, people got upset that they had been lied too. Artist did handle it well and offered refunds to anyone that no longer wanted in.

4: And perhaps one of the most notorious frauds, that had multiple "editions/sequels". (while not the only to do this, which is why it can be mentioned) With the one organizing it being a pathological liar. Because as we all know: convicted criminals that are also pathological liars are VERY trustworthy. Just look at how many followers he has! He MIGHT not be lying this time, despite only ever doing it every. single. time. in the past. Can't trust the person calling them out with a spotless record of never having been wrong. They MIGHT be using their "only having told the truth" for the past 4 years as a ruse to trick people this one time." since those are tooootally more common. Anyhow, I am ofc talking about the infamous "only females, NO MALES! 100 % pussy, not a SINGLE penis!" folios, that, ironically: the first folio had MORE dicks than pussy. And most of said pussy was censored. Great start. With the guy in charge lying about there not being any males, 4 times in a row, each time a new version was released. Despite irrefutable evidence. Playing the victim card for... being called out on his multiple lies. Atop that: Several artists involved didn't even know how to draw females, so they just drew more dick or as said: censored the vag. Because you know; that's what you want from a "100 % females" folio.

5: This one is short and mind boggling: A folio that advertised as having futa as it's ONLY selling point... didn't contain a single futa. Only shoddily censored females since the artist cba to draw them nude correctly. (And tbh: if you can't draw females properly... please stop adding the "obligatory female edit" to your dudes. All it is is you hiding the dick layer, and not replacing it with anything. At least put SOME effort into drawing something it its place if you now "need" a female edit.)

6: Actually a comic with a subscription model rather than a folio, but: It had a slow ass progression, and advertised as "saucy lesbian romance" comic. The, plot twist: Main character was secretly a dude with a hyper dick. Fuck you if you paid for a lesbian comic. This is now about a guy raping girls, or pounding other guys in the ass. I don't mind plot twists. But if you change the ENTIRE concept of a thing just to lie for a plot twist: At least DO NOT charge for it. (If anything charge after the twist. That way, you can get support from people without backhanding them. And those that actually wanted a lesbian romance novel: Could just step away without having lost anything... financially.

7: Very short one but: Selling a "40 [Mane 6 character] pictures" folio, that contains 3 pictures, and 24 edits total of those 3 pics, that's not how that works. If you have 1 pic of X with glasses, then remove the glasses, that is NOT a separate, entirely new picture. It's a variant of that SAME picture.

So, yeah. After all of this, I kinda went "fuck it!". As most have noticed: My activity has died down a lot simple due to: It's both impossible, and not worth fighting crime. As: Both people AND most websites side with the criminal.

I mean: People can get away with false advertisement with no repercussion. Like the classic "I'll draw any species, any gender" but then: If you ask for anything female that isn't human, you just get a "I never said any species OF any gender." and that's apparently a totally legit excuse.


Or, while more of just shit business practice: Being unable to offer ANYTHING for their females as they never bothered to learn how to draw it or put effort into them. Yet: Still charge the same price for it as a male. Despite that they can spend upwards of +4 hours less on it. Or as said: How websites defend criminals. Like: If you report a scammer, you might find yourself banned instead as "That's harassment". Since you can't point out someone is taking money without giving anything in return. (or commissioning, then doing charge-backs.) Since: You have NO RIGHT to infringe in how they earn money. That's between you and this other person, the website waves full liability. Most sites only lift a finger if it involves art theft. Since remember: It's not a crime if you get away with it. /sarcasm.

SOME fuck ups can be blamed on "it was a new fandom" and "inexperience" but: Porn folios has been around for DECADES. It's the same reason most of the apologetics for the epic store it moot: Yes, other stores like steam and such had years to learn and improve. Problem is: We HAVE all that knowledge already. Similarly: We've known for centuries that it's a shit thing to do to lie about what your can provide, or what your product contains. It's not rocket science. Like: When someone is on their 6'th folio, still falsely advertising, still lying and committing fraud... no. It's not an "honest mistake" it's a calculated, malicious and/or moronic move. Cuz they know their fans either have no standards, or are too dumb to care.


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ok just wanting to ask just to clarify so i am ok being a fan of mlp and my oc is fine right so you don't have a problem with me but you have a problem with other people who are frauds and what not just making shore i understand this

The fandom in itself is technically okay. There's just a lot of fraud WITHIN the fandom. Not by everyone IN it. I guess a fitting analogy acn be the "a few bad apples." (though, in this case: There's a LOT of bad apples)

But yes, it's not with the WHOLE fandom. I can't recall if NG allows naming people, but in short: Most of the "famous, top tier" artists within the MLP fandom are criminals. If they have done an art folio, (containing females) that chance increases to 99 %.

@sephroth179 @Kattlarv ok fair enough i guess and at least you are being fair in saying not all cause if you would have said it as a whole i think that would be if anything hypocritacal but still ether way i think your awesome and i mean me i maybe in the fandom but i pay for my art fair and do not cheat people when it comes to things like payment and things like that granted my oc genderswaps but i make it a point to make shore that anyone i chit chat with know that right off the bat so i am not lieing to them or anything like that i value honesty so ya ther way thanks for the reply also pleas forgive me i tend to do run on sentences its a habit of mine

The majority of the fraud was done via the art folios. Atryl was one of the big scammers. Along with Ratofponi, Kevinsano and DOZENS more. And it includes folios like: Hooves and Holly (one of the first) Futafolio, Clopfolio and more. All of them were falsely advertised.

And people like Atryl open YCH advertising "any species, any gender", then backs out if you ask for something he can't draw: Mainly: Any non-loli female genitalia. Trying to argue that "I never said any species OF any gender!" trying to weasel his way out of having to learn how to draw females. A LOT of artists, especially MLP ones REFUSE to offer ANY service if you ask for a female character, like Suirano (And tons more). Since they were too lazy to learn how to draw anything other than dicks. Leaving most artists unable to put even the slightest effort into their females. Some having as big time differences from 30 seconds for a vag, 4 hours for a penis.