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Rated 3 / 5 stars

So, of what I can see: A ton of hyper dicks, varied dick designs. Exclusive male focus. And only one, probably unfinished, placeholder vag model.
That's kinda standard for this kind of things :P

The physics and all that does look pretty solid.
So yeah, definitely more of the usual for everyone interested in that ^^
You can likely get people interested in cock worship featuring those specific characters.
I've yet to see one of these fail to rack up interest :3

She definitely was miming that they slept in Ludo’s bed. (NSFW Parody 18+) She definitely was miming that they slept in Ludo’s bed. (NSFW Parody 18+)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hehe, okay, gotta say: A+ for effort on this one xP
Really well made, and the anatomy looks good. Some tiny iffy things about the thrusting motion, but overall just really flawless performance x3

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Celestia MiniMovie The Minus Celestia MiniMovie The Minus

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Gotta say it's soso. The sounds aren't good. (in fact, they quickly become very annoying. I guess if you are into that type of noise, it might be okay or even good though)
It has some minor anatomy issues, like how the breasts move. Or, primarily the nipples. (Or how some items with notably no depth, are used in a angle they weren't made for.

It lacks a climax, especially how it tries to milk it. And then to just shift to a cumshot afterwards doesn't improve it much either. As, it had a clear build up to a climax, but then there was none. And then it just swapped to the male orgasm.
Still, it is pretty decent at least. You do get in a lot of "oomph" in it so to speak. With practice and learning where to allocate the effort, you could become great at this.
Could do with work on your female genitalia. It's currently okay compared to your male. Long as you don't spiral off with improving on it xP

But yeah, all and all, it's completely average.

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Lord Dominator x D-Bot | Loop (18+) Lord Dominator x D-Bot | Loop (18+)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Lets see... gave a look at your stuff, and so far I can say: I do really dig the focus on perspectives and physics.
You have a very smooth style.

In this specific case, there seem to be a few "off" parts. Like, the dick not entirely seeming to be attached on the bot. Granted, my weak point as a critic is angles xD So it could just be me xP
Overall, she does seem to "work" in the angles shown. I am however not sure why you gave her Caucasian nipples... and tbh, I was expecting this to well, be more about Dominator.
But, she's there I guess xP Can't critique the work itself over that, but it did make me a little dissapointed x3

Anyhow, it's a neat start so far. I have noticed a few things you likely gotta work on. (like detail/quality consistency, the standard anatomy one 99,9 % of artists gotta work on and stuff like that :P)

Alex & BBDs Alex & BBDs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very rhythmic, gotta say it was a lot longer and varied than I expected. So that gets points for effort :P
Had a nice, fun beat to it. (And again: It's just way longer than you'd think haha.)

Anyhow, as said before: Need work on the anatomy, and overall smoothness. But it is well made.
It is incredibly bland and one sided. BUT, that's not necessarily a bad thing as said. Call of Duty fits into both those categories xP

But yeah, the "cumdump with no needs or self-regard" is very done to death hehe. But, it's kinda one of those things that never gets old x3 But it is imo a trope that really can do with some variation every now and then. Whether it's in the shape of focusing on female pleasure in female "clients", or just having the girl involved actually get off x3
(I know you have done female focused content in the past. I'm just saying this specific use is one that points it out very notably hehe ;D Granted, you do use very different themes for the two as well.)

Can't recall if we've gone in depth about this topic before. So won't trail off too much heh.
Has several points that needs polish. But really lovely enthusiasm and passion put into the animation ^^
My bad if a little incoherent. Long day, and writing in the middle of the night.

The-G-s responds:

Thanks for long review!

Undyne x Anon Undyne x Anon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

(You spelled "belong" as "belond")

Will say, from the looks of things in the start. This was definitely a strong 4,5 or even a 5.
The attention to detail is just amazing. The sound works pretty good too.

But, sadly, it quickly went downhill. Not all the way ofc,still a solid 3. The expressions are still spectacular. And how she moves is just top notch. Like, I was expecting a simple loop. As tends to be the case.

But there is several different acts, her expression change and the texture and joints just flow very seamlessly. Heck, we can even see her pecks. (The texture between her breasts are great) It has some incredible transitons.

That said however; Her genital feels incredibly lazy. It's borderline axe wound. It doesn't even have a clit. It's just one flap above being just a slit. With the quality and how much the rest of the animation flows. It really makes no sense why her genitals are just so... wet blanket.

I mean, even if you didn't want to go human. There are a couple of pussy designs made for her. (Like the Shark one) Still, it doesn't make sense why such low detail+effort was put into such a big part of the animation.

And, atop that, I was sad to see that it didn't have a climax. It just ending after the dude cums was anticlimactic. Was expecting it to have a finish. Still, despite those flaws. It's a very impressive work. It does however make me even more confused to why corners were cut, or it was swept under the rug with those two elements. As, like said: The rest of it is very top notch... so, to put it simply: "What gives?" :P

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Epic Crossover Epic Crossover

Rated 4 / 5 stars

At first reveal, I will admit I deadpanned and rolled my eyes when every one of the females had loli vags. It turned out that there was effort put into them after all. But that said, still really lame how all of them were just identical.

But that aside; It was a fun concept. Overall really well made. Had a bit of the issue of "just going on". As it kinda have no destination or high-points. But, it did work really well for just cycling through characters. Even if extremely one sided, trope heavy. Though, most of which could be explained with it being a fantasy simulation :P

So yeah, it's really impressive as a whole. But still has quite the few eyebrow quirk moment. It is neat that it does branch out near the end. But I can't help but feel as if something more interesting could have been done with it... as it was just very "rinse and repeat". But yeah, well made, just feels like it, perhaps wasn't missing something, but that it could have had more oomph.

UWXtudio v0.3 (video demo) UWXtudio v0.3 (video demo)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Looks pretty decent. How come she got a Caucasian pussy though? Especially with that dick, I kinda expected a different design.
Still, pretty decently detailed. It's at least small and not just flat.

Could be something interesting. Question though: Can you only make the dudes cum? Or can you actually get her off? And/or is there also other females you can pair them with?

Nico Robin W.I.P Nico Robin W.I.P

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Gotta say, it has a nice style to it. Flows rather well too. Some motions are a bit rickety though.
Bit bland in how it has the generic hyper dick, and loli vag. But kinda everyone demands those now a days.

That aside, a bit curious: Will it be the classic male exclusive climax? Or will you actually have one for the chick as well?

Kagetd responds:

loli vag lol xD.

I want to make one climax for her, but for girl is a bit more hard to make, but i'll do my best to put at least one xD.

Wendys Sausage 18+ Wendys Sausage 18+

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gotta say it was rather amusing :P
Thought at first it was gonna be the usual genderswap joke, but was neat that it wasn't. That said though: What is different on this compared to the "sfw" version? Since I'm not seeing any difference between the two.

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