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Shantae: Half-Genie Slut! (18+) Shantae: Half-Genie Slut! (18+)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's pretty okay imo. Nice to see some effort put into the vag. Most just go loli slit and call it a day.
Has some anatomy issues,like pelvis+perineum (I think)
But all and all pretty solid.

Song is a bit fast paced imo compared to the action.
Not sure why Risky is inexplicably genderswapped. But eh xP
For wrapping it up, you did a quite solid job on it~

Insexsity 0.0418(Uncensored) Insexsity 0.0418(Uncensored)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hm... I've seen a TON of games in this kind of genre lately, so lets see how this one fares :P
Can say, when first reading the patch notes, got a bit skeptical as it seemed like it might be yet another game off a female of the "cumdump with no needs or self-regard" archetype. And in which only males get off.

Can say it's getting really bland with all these games where the "PC" girl can only either worship cocks and not care about herself. Or be a complete prude virgin. Like, where's the variation in between? xD
Anyhow, trailing off talking about the genre of this games in general x3

That could be the case here too. But gonna look around a bit for it.
I kinda like the start of it. Has a bit of clichés in it, but they work pretty good in order to introduce the mechanics. And quite like her profession. Haven't see that used before.

It looks promising from what I see so far. It does seem like it might include females in a more interactive way.
There's a few spelling issues in the list of changes. But you can make out most of what it says. So it's coo.

The art style has some clipping issues, but overall looks pretty good.
I do have a question though: Do you have any plans to include varied female genitalia? All these games tends to fail miserably at that xP Only having one model (the "loli vag") that they copy paste between all females.

I will say; The dialog is a bit clunky at times. Kinda hard to tell what was meant to be said with certain things. But, usually you get the gist of it :3
Will say: Really enjoying the "gameplay". Will admit bias, as I am a fan of massages haha.
Quite a few clipping issues, but they're not too much of a bother atm at least.

I can say though, the "you'll choose" is a bit misleading, as you do need to fulfill a lot of criteria to do certain things xP
Some of the dialog is very "wut?"
Has some very cliché "huge dick" dialog, and the classic "selfish douche" male. And hm, it does seem like this might have the "cumdump female" archetype.

And yeah... it went there. That was extremely disappointing. I had expected more, but instead it just went complete cookie cutter with a selfish douchebag male, cock worship and females with no needs or self-regard. Seriously: If she talks about how much she wanted to have sex, why does she have no issue being left cold turkey?

I didn't mind the build up and story reason given to make it a "happy ending" masseuse. It was quite good. Pretty standard, but still solid. But, as of now: It does seem to be rather pointless as you seem to just be playing a female NPC is a male porn game.

We both know if it was reverse, that male would NEVER be okay with letting it end after making Eva cum. He'd want his turn xP So yeah, that was a big let down. Literally every other sex game of this genre goes with the exact same thing. Females talking about how great it is to be sexually used. (I mean, it wouldn't be THAT bad if not everyone and their dog was using the same archetype xP

Anyhow, trailing off here.
I know it's in development, but an explanation of the stats could be good. Currently it's kinda guesswork.
Also, gotta say the money system feels really random heh. Like, very vaguely not tied to reality xP

Well, those complaints aside. I do really hope you do something with the females in this. It's getting boring with all games having identical gender roles.
I do quite like how the system is made so far. Most clients feel way too frisky if going with more classic "happy ending" massages.

Can say: Feels like it could need something to do at home, and at work. Dunno how it works later in the game. But atm it's kinda just walking to and from work. And a ton of waiting xP
And will say: I really quirked a brow at not getting paid if no-one came to the parlor. What kind of job doesn't have a salary? xD

I did laugh a bit at the "gift" xP
Did find it a bit "meh" that the sex scenes are kinda heavily scripted. Like, that you had to accept the vibrator, or that you couldn't chose to finish. Will see how it develops, but current the lesbian scenes are a bit weaksauce. With the whole, no nudity or climax.

I did see the gloryholes coming. And I don't mind them. (And well, not much of a spoiler tbh xP) That's really expected of this type of game at a club xP
I will say though: I really hope you do something with the girls sex drives. Like, have Eva get something in return from that guy. Maybe not directly. Or even need to show it. But just have it implied. And/or maybe include a female glory hole at said club. Might be hard to show visually... but would be neat if you could suck some clit as well x3

So yeah, it does need quite a bit of work. But I do like the concept so far.

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Insexsity responds:

Please, check your personal messages.

Monster Ambassador: v0.3.4 Monster Ambassador: v0.3.4

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Have to say, kinda neat little game. Will say though: Has a few issues. Like that the crossbow moves literally too slow to intercept certain rats. It is very vague on how much damage you deal, or take.

Will also say some of the female scenes are a bit "eh" as they are clearly edits from the male ones. Whereas some parts don't even have female scenes. But, all and all. I do have to say I quite like it. Kinda corny dialog and all that, but it fits pretty well with the tone.

Feels like some sort of non-potion healing is needed. Mostly as it feels really odd to run in circles, chugging potions xD But other than that mechanically, I do quite enjoy it. The money per slime character does kinda spiral out after a bit.
Might give an option to carry potions? As, currently it's faster to just get knocked out than to run back xP Also, might should remove the option to keep purchasing potions if you are at 100. Or make them carry-able.

Btw,if you need tips for sex acts for the female PC, feel free to ask. I've invented over 5 female focused and/or lesbian sex acts x3
And hm... with how much back and forth it takes to get somewhere, feels like there needs to be something to spend the money at. Ah, just found the heal skill, that kinda reduces traveling. Still, it's a bit messy x3 When you heal, your hp bar goes haywire heh.

Anyhow, overall, kinda fun game. Can say: Would be neat with some genital variety on the monsters. Could do with some more scenes. Like, was a bit sad I couldn't squirt into the slime guy or girl. But did really like that climax was implied for both genders. I get why most scenes are edits. But some scenes feel like they would really need to be more than just an edit.

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Kiwi-Melon responds:

Thank you for the time you put into your review! We're looking into fixing how to HP bar functions, hopefully for the next update.

As always, the multiple gender interactions are meant for everyone to be able to play as they identify // are oriented (or as close as possible), rather than to provide extra content. (PS. Are the female scenes edits from the male, or vice versa? Tricky to tell.)

Which parts did you find didn't have female scenes? All of the monsters should have full FxF interactions.


Heroine Rumble Heroine Rumble

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gotta say, really surprised to see this. Very rare to see female focused content. Granted, it does have a futa option. But you can actually play it as female chars. And that's really rare.

Can say, would've been really cool if you could go for selfish sex moves. But as it stands. Really impressive overall.
Has a surprising amount of depth game design wise tbh.

Didn't have time to check the futa options, but I'm gonna guess that they all have the same dick, just like all the girls have the same pussy. And that it's also not hyper xP And that they also got opponents exclusive moves.

Would be a bit disappoint if the futas got exclusive selfish moves. But yeah, assuming that: This is definitely the best game of this genre I hvae seen. Does have some clipping issues with some moves. But yeah, very impressive.

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Panthea - leave2gether v0.15 Panthea - leave2gether v0.15

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, like said before: It has the same issues of essentially all the guys being identical "selfish douchebags" while all the females are "cumdumps without needs or self-regard".

It just sucks the life, per se, out of it. Making it a whole lot more bland and generic.
Still, the new style is kinda neat. Still find the new "button masher" scenes to be a bit soso in execution. but otherwise quite good. It is very notable which scenes are old and new though.

And that said: Still hoping to see you include one non-human vag xP And well, a sex scene focused on a female. With an actual finish x3

Gwen Flash Gwen Flash

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lets see, taking a closer look at this one...
The models look really good tbh. Nice, flowing scenes as well.
Okay sound too. That's usually hard to come by. Heck, the female model even got depth :P

This IS a shadbase thing though, and those are kinda known for shoddy quality in the female department... so will see if it manages to circumvent that.
It does have a bit of a too sudden transition tbh... (several scenes seem to lack something to lead it there. Which is even more notable as how certain scenes has way many transitional periods in them.) but its theme as a whole is impressive so far.

It has heavy tropes in it. But, can wait and see how it handles all of them before I base anything on it. The cum scene was a little underfunded, or how to put it.
(Again, with how certain scenes transition, it makes it look cheap. Due to how deep other scenes are.)

And, it does seem like it does nothing but follow the archetypical porn tropes. Much like the one trick pony shadbase is. Which, tbh: Does cause a slight conflict. As, it seems like there'd be more to it. But, it just being a run of the mill cookie cutter... does leave a lot to ask for.
It at least have very minimal clipping. (but, where it does clip, it IS notable) And very nice texture overall.

Hm... really disappoint how haphazard the pussy was compared to the penis. Not to mention how extremely low budget the anuses were. Which tbh... was really surprising. Even if everyone in the Shadbase is notoriously known for all being utterly incompetent at female genital anatomy, buttholes are kind of one of the "things" in shadbase.

Oh well, the perineum is at least placed correctly. And as said: The sounds are surprisingly good.
Does have some semi-out of place scenes, that feels like they could really have been explored further to add variety to it.

It sadly wraps up as any other: One sided pleasure wise, and no climax scene for the female.
It has a theme that doesn't work out/match in the end, but feels like it would have been a lot better if it followed... it has a lot of "could have been great.", but it feels like corners were cut simply to fit in to the status quo. I know they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But tbh, it feels like there could be something far more interesting here. Possibly if it broke from the restrictive chains of the shadbase. As, enforcing archetypes and rehashing the same 3 porn acts doesn't feel like the best use of time for this style.

But yeah, overall, really well made. Just a bit lacking.

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Creambee - Zelda's After Party - v3.2 Creambee - Zelda's After Party - v3.2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

You're at 3.0, and STILL haven't added a climax function for Zelda?
I mean, it's kinda ok that she only has genitalia design for female and genderswapped. But it is really lazy how you made one micro and the other hyper, atop not bothering to add a climax for one of them.

Other than that though, it is rather solid. The cum effect is really good.

Sira Dress Up Sira Dress Up

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hm... the dress up itself seems solid enough. But, no idea what you did, but you should have looked over the "preview" part. I tried in both firefox and chrome, but the UI is all kinds of fucked up.
You click and hold to have it scroll, and like, it seems like ALL the clothes are out of the screen. Several buttons seem to not do anything. And as her eyes are moving, could kinda have needed some soft breathing and/or other movement.

It's a decent preview. But currently there's A LOT of things you gotta work out with it. Most of them are UI wise.

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The Legend of LUST - Hottie (2nd update) The Legend of LUST - Hottie (2nd update)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gotta say: Hottie kinda suddenly changed appearance when they turned into "sex mode" xP
And hm... really expected a tad bit more from her endowment wise. Rather lackluster for being one of the more notable ones x3

Anyhow, the PoV choices to show the action are really nice. And the penetration and stroking animation are really well done. (the penetration however could really have done with one more frame... her perineum really oddly flexes in and out of glistening xP)

Will say that she looks a tad bit too disinterested in it. Like, her hand shows enthusiasm.
But her face kinda gives me "deadpan office worker", if that makes sense.
Like, the dialog and face just doesn't add up, at all.

Gotta say though: REALLY impressive cumshot... also REALLY inexplicable how they got into that pose before the cumshot but... xD
Though, really feels like he should have needed some kind of build up, or needing to earn the reward there. And forgot for a moment how hyper he is xD Even another reason that makes Hottie look a bit like stale bread in comparison xP

Eh, as said before: Just find it a bit "~eh" over the massive clash between the genders of the demons. But it's really complex to debate in that area. There's just a lot of good mixed with bad.
Still, aside from the intro, the sound and music are really neat in it.
That said, that could easily be fixed with more characters. But as of now it's very skewed xP

You can possibly btw give some teaser hint to what the exclusive scenes are. Icon wise. Currently very "in the dark, dice roll". Still, overall, this project looks like it can be a lot of fun. I do hope it manages to break the mold of porn tropes and all that. Or at least has 1 character on either side that does it. Just as long as everyone isn't just a re-skin of each other hehe x3

But yeah, I do hope you include some interesting stuff with Hottie, or some other chick. As currently it's all about the hyper dick, and the girls literally bending over backwards to please the guy xD (I know that's kinda the primary focus. But it comes off as a little lame how the stronger has to submit to the weaker, because reasons xP)

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Hi Kat,
thank you for the detailed review and positive rating. Much appreciated. We have read it carefully and find a lot of the points you have made to be valid ones. Some things we actually intended to include but couldn't (ex. face expressions), others we simply agree and understand you point of view (ex. how did she get in that position) and others still are being planned (ex. girl on girl action).
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback and have a great day ;)

Pandorium Colony Pandorium Colony

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well, looking it over, I can only really say that, most the stuff has been mentioned by bellow comment. Though, unlike them, I did kind of assume that generic dude #48 was merely there for the demo. So I was just expecting that there'd be some actual choices in that once it's more complete. Though, can say I would have preferred if at least the two playable genders: Dude and chick had at least been implemented. But guess I can see the idea of just going with the dude. If only to gauge interest.

Anyhow, that aside: It does seem like a very interesting concept. But with a HEAVY emphasis on the "concept" part. As like with games such as Crowjob, Fatelogic's [whatever their elf game was called}, No Vacancy, HTH, Meet and fuck, basically anything from Vortex00 and TONS other games have had massive trainwrecks with. It's not just to shoehorn in all kinds of things and just hope it works. (or utterly neglect/leave things out for that matter.)

I am a little skeptical in that this seems like it very likely might be a bit too ambitious. Feels like it might become "micromanage, the game". As a game should preferably be fun and/or interesting. Currently feels like there's a tad bit much back and forth in order to do much about anything.

Currently it's a bit mixed to make out anything really. Giving it a slightly below average rating as of yet. As, this can really go either way. Still, the graphics in it are really impressive.

Personally the most worried about it doing a massive flop in terms of female anatomy. As, like this fandom has proven (all of the 18+ ones) it's considered totally fine to be utterly incompetent at female genital anatomy. As evident by the ~90+ % fuck up rate of all artists when it comes to the pussy. I mean, when the average person doesn't have a standard for vags, and recommended tip for anatomy is "Eh, just slap a slit somewhere between the anus and navel" or "just cover it up by a hyper dick"... it's not that much of a difference in quality xP I mean, when the animation legend Zone themselves admits to being basically unable to draw anything aside from the 1 vag they know, or do it in any amount of higher quality. It's not hard to understand why they've made the claim that "Being attracted to women is a niche fetish.". Like... merely glancing over at the cock obsessed establishment and the futa fanatics... yeah, no. Pussy is not even on the top 10 list of what guys wana see in their porn xD

Regardless, if this actually manages to pull off some proper pussy, that would be really cool tbh. Kinda never been done before as said. So yeah, would be awesome with a game that'd actually have a female PC, that you could play as. I am still very uncertain how this will turn out, but guess we can only wait and see really.

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